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  • Article: Aug 7, 2014

    There are still vacancies around the country for the role of Liberal Democrat PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) and you may just be the person to fill one of them.

    The process is designed to be as accessible as possible and it assesses competences rather than qualifications - so an epic and illustrious track record in the Party is not necessary. The application form is extremely brief so the onus is on the assessment day itself. This way you get to show off in person what you're good at.

  • Article: Aug 7, 2014

    Watch as Nick takes your questions for this week's Call Clegg.


    This is LBC Call Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg takes your calls with Nick Ferrari at Breakfast. Call 0345 6060973 tweet at lbc973 text 84850. This is Call Clegg on LBC.

    NC: And this is Nick Clegg on LBC wit Nick Ferrari, here to take your calls for the next half an hour. And so that number again is 0 0345 6060973 or email at nickclegg@lbc.co.uk and of course you can watch on the website, lbc.co.uk. So let's go straight to the first caller Alistair in Grimsby, hello Alistair. Hi.

  • Article: Aug 7, 2014

    At Federal Conference in Glasgow, we will be debating a proposal to move from the current system where local parties elect their conference representatives who then are able to vote at Conference and also vote for members of the key committees that run the party. Why change what seems to be working?

    It seems odd that the most democratic of the large parties doesn't already have One Member One Vote (OMOV) but much more importantly we are preventing many of our members participating in key decisions which affect party policy and indeed the party itself. The majority of our members now join online and although some of them join following contact by the local party through literature or canvassing, our research shows that most of them join because of our national politics and indeed, to participate in policy making. However if their local party is weak and fails to involve them, or has fewer than thirty members they are not going to get the chance to do this at Conference.

  • Article: Aug 6, 2014

    Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the launch today of Dr Gerard Lyons' report, titled "The Europe Report - A win-win situation" said:

    "When has a report launch about Europe had anything less to do with Europe?

    "This taxpayer funded report should have been launched many months ago and would have played a useful contribution in the public debate running up to the European Elections. Instead this report has been used by the Mayor as a blatant cover to promote his own career ambitions. He is putting his own future before that of Londoners he has been elected to serve.

  • Article: Aug 6, 2014

    Leading Tories are happy to sacrifice British jobs and growth to boost their own anti-Europe credentials, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said.

    His remarks come after Mayor of London Boris Johnson claimed leaving the EU could be an "attractive" option for the UK. But Danny called for Britain to "stay in Europe, lead Europe and reform Europe".

  • key_electricity.jpg
    Article: Aug 6, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Ed Davey has put forward new proposals to safeguard customers from unfair practices by energy companies.

    Under the new laws, anyone found guilty of rigging wholesale gas and electricity prices could face up to two years in jail.

    The plans would give new powers to energy regulators to prosecute people suspected of abusing the energy market.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2014

    In response to Baroness Warsi's resignation as foreign office minister, Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called for arms exports to Israel to be suspended.

    Nick said:

    "I think the question marks that Sayeeda Warsi has raised about the arms export licences which we issue to arms exporters selling to Israel are very serious ones and I share her concerns.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2014

    Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has written a letter to Baroness Warsi, following her resignation from the Foreign Office.

    Below is his letter in full.

    Dear Sayeeda,

    I am writing to you following your resignation this morning from the Government.

    It must have been an incredibly difficult decision to step down as Senior Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Your work on human rights, particularly on freedom of religion and belief, is admired by many - including me. I especially recall your efforts to commemorate the victims of the Srebrenica massacre.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2014

    This autumn the party will elect a new president. This is your opportunity to meet the declared candidates and have the opportunity not only to hear what their plans are, but to question them over those plans and other issues.

    All members welcome.

    10.00-11.30, Saturday 4 October. Argyll Suite, Crowne Plaza Glasgow.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2014

    Commenting on the resignation of Baroness Warsi as a foreign office minister, former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell MP said:

    "Baroness Warsi's resignation reflects the unease and anxiety in parliament and in the country about the UK Government's present position.

    "She is right to say the United Kingdom must stand firm and uphold the rule of law and international justice. Liberal Democrats strongly support this view and that's why Nick Clegg and I have not shied away from criticising Israel's apparent disproportionate actions which result in the collective suffering of Palestinians in Gaza.