Roger Crouch off to a flying start meeting

December 2, 2011 8:19 PM

Feltham Arena Residents Group

Roger Crouch, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the forthcoming Feltham and Heston by-election, got his campaign off to a flying start, meeting with the Feltham Arena Residents Group less than 24 hours after his selection.

The group of local residents was formed to voice their concerns about the ongoing redevelopment of Feltham Arena that they claim is in breach of planning permission.

They recently delivered a petition to the council asking for an independent enquiry into the management of Feltham Arena.

The Liberal Democrats have consistently supported the Residents Group in their fight for openness and transparency.

Commenting after the meeting Lib Dem candidate Roger Crouch said:

"I'm pleased to have had an early opportunity to meet with local residents and hear from them directly about their concerns in relation to the Feltham Arena.

"It is clear from what I have been told that both the previous Conservative administration and the current Labour run council are ignoring them.

"It's no wonder they feel so let down."

Munira Wilson, Lib Dem campaigner for South West London and long time supporter of the Feltham Arena Residents Group, added:

"Feltham Arena is in a shocking state and it is time for the council to clean this eye sore up and listen to local residents' concerns."

Local resident Mark McAleese said: To their credit they have not asked for anything in return, they just want what I believe we all want, for the arena site to be used correctly. I voted for Cllr Bowen in every election so far, but will be voting this time for Roger Crouch to be our next MP.