A Fairness Dividend for Scotland

September 25, 2012 12:03 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Moore will say that the Youth Contract, the pensions 'triple lock', which guarantees pensioners a decent rise in their state pension, and cuts to income tax for low and middle income earners (saving over two million Scots a total of £1.2 billion in tax by next April) are all examples of Liberal Democrat polices that are making Scotland fairer.

He will point out that Liberal Democrats are making these decisions in the "toughest of times" doing for Scotland "what Labour did not, and which the Conservatives would not".

Moore will say:

Check against delivery

"A belief in fairness - a society where those in need get help and everyone has the chance to get on - that is the core value of our party.

Liberal Democrats campaign to put that value at the heart of political debate. And in government, we work every day to ensure that it is at the heart of what we do.

Now those of us who live in Scotland are all too aware that not everyone north of the border wants to acknowledge what we are achieving. There is opposition - quite a bit of it actually.

But my response to them is this. We will stand up for our values and stand by our achievements. Welfare reform is a good example.

We want a welfare system that protects the vulnerable, supports people into work and makes work pay. A system that's fair to those who need it and fair for those who pay for it. Not the arbitrary and deep cuts that some would favour but we will never support.

And in so many other areas, we will show what Liberal Democrats are doing for Scotland in this Coalition Government. Supporting the young unemployed with a Youth Contract that guarantees support to young Scots who are out of work and down on their luck. Supporting older people with our triple lock pensions policy: the largest cash increase in the history of the state pension.

Supporting hard-working people through a fairer tax system: raising the point at which people start to pay tax, year on year and cutting income tax for low and middle income earners. With 160,000 low paid Scots coming out of income tax altogether. Well over two million paying less than they were when we came to office. And, by April of next year, a total of £1.2 billion less tax taken from low and middle-income Scots.

So, when we go to the polls in 2015, we won't head into battle armed only with words. We'll have an armoury of evidence and a record of delivery. We have shown that even in the toughest of times, and against all the odds, Liberal Democrats have done for Scotland what Labour did not and the Conservatives would not.

We have shaped a fairer country: a fairness dividend, delivered by Liberal Democrats, for all of Scotland and the UK."