Every day should be a VIP Day for pedestrians on Oxford Street – Stephen Knight

November 23, 2012 4:20 PM
Stephen Knight AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly economy and environment spokesperson, commenting ahead of tomorrow's West End VIP Day, where for one day both Oxford and Regent Street will be traffic free said:

"Tomorrow a huge number of people will flock to the West End to take advantage of the lack of buses, cars and taxis on Oxford and Regent Street. Tens of thousands of people will have a great day out and the biggest stores in London will see their tills ringing.

"However it should not be just one day a year that people can shop in the West End without fear of being run over or breathing heavily polluted air. The high number of road accidents on Oxford Street and the high levels of pollution are a disgrace. It is time we treated pedestrians as the priority every day of the year.

"With new developments such as Westfield shopping centres in Shepherd's Bush and at Stratford it is also vital that the West End keeps up and provides a prime shopping centre. The West End needs to develop if it is to succeed in the future.

"At the very least we should have a summer of traffic free weekends next year.

"In the longer term, especially with the development of new Crossrail stations at Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street, there is a powerful case for the permanent pedestrianisation of Oxford Street."