Mayor has refused to listen to Londoners over fire station closures – Stephen Knight

July 10, 2013 5:44 PM

Stephen Knight AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and member of the London Fire and Emergency and Planning Authority, commenting on the latest news that following a London wide consultation the Mayor still plans to proceed with closing 10 fire stations across London, as opposed to 12 as initially planned said:

"These minor concessions are obviously welcome, but the overall picture is that nearly one in ten of London's fire stations are still set to be closed within months. The Mayor has effectively confirmed a massive cut to fire services despite a barrage of opposition from Londoners."

"It is the Mayor's stubbornness alone that is driving forward these savage cuts in London's fire service which will drive up response times across large parts of London."

"Since the start of the year the Mayor has had numerous opportunities to fundamentally change his mind, but has instead chosen to ignore and overrule the wishes of the London Assembly, the London Fire Authority and now communities across London who have urged him to reverse his plans."

"The only reason that the Mayor is still forcing through savage closures to London's fire services is merely because of an ideological obsession with cutting the council tax by a paltry seven pence a week for most households."

"The Mayor has sadly not listened to Londoners who are more than happy to keep paying the seven pence a week needed to maintain these fire stations."