Mayor's electric car slump is one further reason why focus must be on electric buses and taxis - Stephen Knight

August 9, 2013 5:53 PM

Three quarters of London's 800 electric charging points for private vehicles were not used at all during 2012 according to new figures released by the Mayor of London in response to questions asked by Stephen Knight AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly environment spokesperson.

The information released by the Mayor of London show that in the last three months of 2012 only 198 of the then existing 800 electric charging points were used at all. And even where the charging points were used, their average use was frequently just one to four minutes per day. This suggests they had in practice only been used once or twice over this three month period. Only 37 of the 198 charging points had been used for two hours or more each day on average. Due to the long time to charge an electric vehicle the figures suggest that only a few dozen of the charging points are even regularly charging a single electric vehicle each day.

The Mayor's 'Source London' electric vehicle charging scheme has recently been expanded, with the scheme now having 1300 charging points across the capital.

Commenting on the dismal figures for the use of the charging points, Stephen Knight said:

"It is quite clear that Source London is failing to have much impact. A growing network of charging points, which are aimed primarily at private electric cars, clearly has long term merit, but the Mayor's number one priority must be to switch London's 20,000 diesel taxis and 8,500 diesel buses to electric power.

"It is these diesel vehicles which clock up the most miles and make the greatest contribution to air pollution, especially in central London.

"The Mayor should concentrate on what he can actually deliver. Taxis and London buses are either run or licensed by Transport for London and the Mayor is in charge of the running of Transport for London. If the Mayor is serious about reducing air pollution in London he should concentrate public resources on what he can actually influence."


Notes to editors:

1. Stephen Knight's question to the Mayor of London (which should have been answered by the Mayor in June) is enclosed.

Source London - charge points

Question No: 1855 / 2013

Stephen Knight

Please provide a list of all 'Source London' charge points broken down by the average number of minutes per day that each charge point is in use?

Written response from the Mayor

Please refer to Appendix 1855 for a list of Source London charge points and usage data for the period 1 September 2012 to 31 December 2012.

It should be noted that charge points that are in use for less than a minute per day have been excluded from this list

2. Information about Source London:

3. Information about the impact of air pollution, based on research commissioned by the Mayor of London, can be seen here: