Secrecy over Barclays sponsorship deal has let down Londoners – Caroline Pidgeon

April 4, 2014 6:08 PM

Caroline Pidgeon AM, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the freedom of information request by Mayorwatch website confirming a long standing attempt by Transport for London to cover up the full details of the actual income being received from Barclays Bank for sponsorship of the cycle hire scheme said:

"Getting to the bottom of how the cycle hire scheme has actually been funded has been a continual battle. I congratulate Mayorwatch website for getting closer to the truth of what actually has happened over the last four years."

"The bike hire scheme is a brilliant development but from day one it is has been hindered by a poor sponsorship contract. Secrecy over the sponsorship deal has let down Londoners."


Notes to editors:

Details of the FOI made by Mayorwatch website can be seen here: