Oxford Street pollution levels highlight how Mayor’s timid proposals to tackle air pollution are inadequate – Stephen Knight

January 5, 2015 6:24 PM

Stephen Knight AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly environment spokesperson, commenting on the news that Oxford Street has already exceeded the annually permitted number of breaches of the hourly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution limit value, with Brixton Road expected to do so as well, said:

"For an annual limit on air pollution to be breached within just a few days is a clear demonstration that real action needs to be taken to tackle air pollution.

"The Mayor's proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone is simply too little, too late. The Mayor's proposals will even allow highly polluting diesel vehicles, including TfL vehicles, to remain on London's roads for many years after it finally starts.

"It is time to face up to the reality that only bold measures will tackle air pollution in London. The pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and a big switch to electric buses and taxis across London are now desperately needed."


Notes to editors:

1.Details of current nitrogen dioxide pollution in London:



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