We need a sensible and pragmatic approach to Trident

April 9, 2015 8:05 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

The Conservatives have today revealed that their manifesto will have a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines. This proves that the Tories are still living in the cold war era, trying to win votes by scaremongering the public.

The Liberal Democrats believe that we need a better, more up to date approach to Trident. We remain wholly unconvinced that the UK needs to renew its current system on the same scale as the Cold War system designed in 1980. Furthermore, we believe that the nation cannot afford to do so.

Under our approach we will keep the United Kingdom secure whilst keeping cost down through having a sensible and pragmatic approach to our independent nuclear deterrent. We will have a policy which is based on contingency planning rather than a continuous at sea deterrent, it is a sensible approach that reflects our defence needs without needless posturing.


However, the Conservatives' announcement today is not about what is best for the UK; it is about Conservatives trying to attack Labour and the SNP. This issue is too important to be brought down to General Election point-scoring.

Any debate on our nuclear capacity should be a grown-up conversation of the merits of our nuclear policy.