Trident is more important to the Conservatives than education or jobs

April 9, 2015 10:19 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Speaking on LBC's Election Call, Nick Clegg said he thought it was odd that the Conservatives were elevating Trident over other key areas such as education and jobs.

His comments follow the Conservatives' announcement that their manifesto will include a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines.

Nick said:

"I find it quite extraordinary that the Conservatives appear this morning to have elevated this nuclear weapons system as the most important thing in which they are in politics for.

"They're saying it's a red line and all of this kind of stuff.

"I think many people listening would find it pretty odd that a major party like the Conservative Party think that's more important than delivering jobs or fairer taxes or better pensions or money for our schools and nurseries."

Liberal Democrats believe that we need a better, more up to date approach to Trident.

Under our approach we will keep the United Kingdom secure whilst keeping cost down through having a sensible and pragmatic approach to our independent nuclear deterrent.