Labour need to come clean on their policing plans

April 10, 2015 9:07 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Responding to Labour's policing plans Liberal Democrat General Election campaign spokesperson Lord Scriven said:

"Labour need to come clean and say whether they still plan to break the link between the police and communities by reducing the number of forces from 43 to 15.

"We all remember them trying to do the same with our fire services last time until the Liberal Democrats stopped them, and they need to tell the truth now.

"Under Labour, officers spent as much time in the station as on the street, re-offending rates spiraled and costs went through the roof.

"The Lib Dems have spent the last five years sorting out their mess with a 'what works' approach to reduce crime and get more bobbies out of the office and back on the beat.

"Crime has fallen to all-time low with Liberal Democrats in Government but we need to go further and tackle its roots causes, like substance addiction and mental health problems - and not just try to sound tough."