How Brentford & Isleworth can help Britain avoid chaos next on 7th May

May 2, 2015 4:39 PM

"The stakes for Britain could not be higher " said Joe Bourke, the Lib Dem candidate in next Thursday's election.

"No one party will win an outright majority. There will either be a coalition government after the 7th May or a minority government living a "hand to mouth" existence at the whim of the other parties in the House of Commons. A weak coalition government or a minority government will lead to instability in our economy and a weakening of Britain's influence in Europe and throughout the world.

A strong coalition government can prevent this. The recent Tory/Lib Dem government lasted the course and gave this country a chance to recover from the mess that the faction-ridden labour government left. Much has been achieved through Lib Dem participation in the coalition government, including the largest ever increases in personal tax allowances and introduction of the pupil premium for disadvantaged students.

Lib Dems have been criticised for "getting into bed" with the Tories, but don't forget Lib Dems stopped some of the wilder tory flights of fancy and the Lib Dems would have been equally criticised if they had not "stepped up to the plate". What about those cries from voters "I'd vote for you (Lib Dems), if you had a chance of power. Well Lib Dems had the chance and rose to the challenge. On student tuition fees. Liberal Democrats in Government fought hard to get the best policy we possibly could. We know that the policy we ended up with was not what we campaigned for and we've apologised for making a pledge we weren't able to keep. But we are proud of making the system we got as fair as possible - with record numbers of students entering higher education and more students from disadvantaged backgrounds now going to university than ever before.

The Lib Dems have shown in coalition that they can moderate policies to where most people in this country want them to be - to the left of the tories and to the right of labour.

In Brentford & Isleworth the election is assumed to be a foregone conclusion. The Conservative vote in Brentford and Isleworth has fallen back considerably since 2010. Historically, Labour has and continues to take votes and voters in Brentford and Isleworth for granted.

It doesn't have to be that way. There is a sensible proven realistic alternative - the Liberal Democrats. By voting Lib Dem next Thursday, Brentford & Isleworth can send a message to the rest of Britain that we want grown-up politics and politicians who will work together in the national interest. The alternatives are too ghastly to contemplate."