Mayor must now come clean over details about the not so clean New Routemaster – Caroline Pidgeon

July 20, 2015 6:24 PM

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on reports that 200 New Routemasters will have failing batteries replaced under warranty and that on occasions the buses are running entirely on the diesel engine said:

"The Mayor has repeatedly boasted about the New Routemaster, yet this is further evidence that the claims made by the Mayor and TfL are just rhetoric and do not match the reality on the ground.

"The Mayor must now come clean and confirm just how often these expensive hybrid buses have been operating merely on their diesel engines, polluting London's air."

"At the same time the Mayor should let Londoners know what is being done to control the unacceptable heat on these buses at this time of year. "


Notes to editors:

In addition to the latest revelations about the new routemasters it is worth noting that 306 of the new routemasters do not meet the highest Euro 6 standard for exhaust emissions and at present will be granted an exemption from the new standards that will operate in the Ultra Low Emission Zone starting in 2020.