Carney's departure means even more uncertainty for business following Brexit

October 31, 2016 8:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Commenting on the decision of Mark Carney to leave the Bank of England in 2019, Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor, Susan Kramer, said:

"While it's welcome that Mark Carney is to stay on just past his initial period, the fact is he has decided to go as soon as possible after the full impact of Brexit becomes clear. That's not his fault - it's the fault of Theresa May and the blinkered right wing fanatics in the Conservative Party. They have refused to listen to his warnings over Brexit and our economy and so have made it impossible for him to continue to work in the country's interest for the long term.

"The Governor is owed a debt of gratitude for his actions over Brexit. When in June last year the Conservative Party descended into infighting and back stabbing, he was working to save tens of thousands of jobs and protect our economy from the worst impacts of the leave vote.

"It's no surprise he is now willing to leave the Conservative Brexit Government to the mess they've created. Sadly, his departure will mean even more uncertainty for business at a time when the desperately need confidence."