Hounslow Labour ignore local feelings on Planning and Transport

May 17, 2017 6:56 PM

Joe Bourke, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Brentford & Isleworth has accused Hounslow's Labour Council of riding roughshod over local opinion on two recent key issues.

"First there was the decision by Hounslow Planning Committee, railroaded through by Labour councillors, to depart from the Brentford Local Plan to grant planning permission to Essential Living to redevelop the Morrison's supermarket site in Brentford High Street by building 225 flats despite local people thinking the scheme was huge, ugly and completely out of character for the area, and even despite the local Labour councillors voting against the proposal! The flats built for the private rental market would be too costly for those needing affordable housing. So much for Labour, both locally and nationally, trumpeting the need for affordable housing," said Joe.

"Secondly, Hounslow has the most congested roads and heaviest traffic in Britain, according to Department of Transport figures. How has the Labour group responded to this? By closing Church Street, Isleworth (in spite of huge local opposition and a protest march), making the already heavily congested Twickenham Road even more of a nightmare experience for local residents and increasing the already dangerous levels of air pollution in the area," said Joe.

Joe also mentioned that in Chiswick, the Chiswick High Road has long been a cash cow for the local Labour council, generating over £1,000,000 of the £5,000,000 plus in parking fines collected from unsuspecting motorists across the borough.

"These traffic and public health problems are set to get much worse when the Conservative government presses ahead with a third runway at Heathrow," added Joe.

"What these high-handed actions of Labour, locally, show is the need to elect Lib Dems who are prepared to listen seriously to the needs of local people and act upon them wherever possible," said Joe.