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Introducing the Liberal Democrat Local Council Candidates for Chiswick

February 13, 2018 9:00 AM

Chiswick Lib Dems have announced their council candidates for the local election on 3 May 2018.

Like what you see? Click here to read Chiswick Liberal Democrats' manifesto for the local election.



Helen CrossHelen has lived in Chiswick for over 15 years. She is a businesswoman who has built a successful career in technology and the digital economy. New to politics, Helen was prompted into action in 2016 due to the explosion of illiberal discourse around the Brexit referendum and the election of Trump. Helen was drawn to the Liberal Democrats' pro Remain stance and strong position on tolerance and social justice, particularly in standing up for EU citizens' rights.

As a councillor she will fight for:

She will continue to campaign to stop Brexit.


Leigh EdwardsLeigh has lived in Chiswick for fifteen years, he is a chartered accountant. Along with many others, he was dismayed and appalled by the intolerance of the rhetoric in the lead up to the EU referendum. Leigh is committed to an open, tolerant and fair society, investing in public services and ensuring everyone is given the opportunities to meet their potential, and to live their lives free of fear, prejudice or discrimination.

As a councillor he will work hard for the people of Chiswick to:

Nationally he will campaign for the UK to remain in the EU as a leading and influential member, and to keep Britain a liberal, democratic, and socially just society.


Chris GillieChris has lived in Brentford for 11 years, working as an IT Manager, and has had a successful career managing IT in small and medium sized organisations. Witnessing increasingly polarised politics, Chris decided to do more than just vote, and following the Brexit vote, decided to join the only remaining moderate voice in UK Politics. Being a dual national, he also supported Macron and En Marche in the 2017 French Elections.

As a councillor his priorities will be:

He will continue to campaign to stop Brexit, from both sides of the Channel.



Alice BailhacheAlice is a trainee solicitor, who has lived in Chiswick for the past 6 years. She joined the Lib Dems in 2015, and campaigned with 'Britain Stronger In Europe' in the 2016 referendum.

As a councillor, she will:

Originally from Jersey, in the Channel Islands, Alice has always felt close to Europe! She feels passionately about protecting EU citizens' rights and will work tirelessly to #ExitFromBrexit.

Alex FOX

Alex FoxOriginally hailing from Southwark, Alex was drawn to local politics inspired by the overwhelmingly positive, moderate and liberal influence the Southwark Lib Dem group made when running the council with other parties. Having lived in Chiswick for the last 5 years, Alex is now a trainee Music teacher and is particularly supportive of Liberal Democrat education policy, in particular Pupil Premium - a policy that he believes truly delivers on the core liberal value of Opportunity for Everyone.

As a councillor he will:

He is absolutely passionate about stopping Brexit. #ExitFromBrexit

Charles REES

Charles Rees ChiswickRetired barrister and senior court official. Lib Dem activist, (member since 1983). Charles has in fact been a member of all three parties; left the Tories because of their social policies, and Labour because of their drift to the left in the 1980s - they haven't changed!

Charles is standing for the Lib Dems because new ideas are needed in Hounslow - Labour has grown complacent and the Tory opposition grown tired. We need to look at new ways of making life better in Chiswick, by reducing pollution and improving traffic flows, for example. Also making sure that Chiswick gets its fair share of Hounslow Council resources. Lib Dem principles of openness, fairness and tolerance can apply just as well in Chiswick and Hounslow as they can across the country.

Nationally, Charles supports the Lib Dems who are trying to soften what is likely to be a harmful Brexit. He fears leaving the EU will not only make us worse off financially but reduce our influence in the world. We should also value the very considerable contribution EU nationals in Chiswick make to our country and also in Chiswick.



Francis BeddingtonFrancis is a third generation West Londoner. He has lived in Chiswick for the last twelve years. He is married with two school age children.

As a committed Internationalist, he joined the Liberal Democrats in 2015 and campaigned against Brexit. He has worked in the Civil Service, and the financial services industry.

Being partially disabled himself, Francis has a particular interest in access issues for people with mobility constraints.

He is opposed to the CS9 in its current format and will campaign to improve the design of the scheme to take into account the needs of all Chiswick residents.


Guy De Boursac ChiswickGuy moved to Chiswick 5 years ago, after nearly 30 years in Geneva. He retired after 40 years in the airline business and some English teaching. New to politics (despite some Liberal activity in the 1970s), Guy was prompted into action in 2016 by intolerant discourse around the Brexit referendum. He was drawn to the Liberal Democrats' strong stance on tolerance, social justice and EU citizens' rights.

As a councillor he will fight for:

He will continue to campaign to stop Brexit.


James McConnellJames has lived in Chiswick since his marriage 24 years ago. A career in consumer technology has taken him to live and work extensively in Asia and Europe where he learnt how collaboration across different cultures can only benefit business and society. The Brexit vote in 2016 was the wake-up call and motivation for him to join the Lib Dems. Furthermore, in a climate of polarised and dishonest politics, he sees that the Lib Dems are the only party to offer brave and honest solutions to our challenges, in particular the pledge to increase income tax to fund extra NHS spending.

As a councillor his priorities will be:

He will continue to campaign to stop Brexit.


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