Liberal Democrats Condemn Heathrow ‘threat’ to Chiswick

February 25, 2019 4:58 PM
By Chiswick Liberal Democrats

Chiswick Liberal Democrats have condemned proposals in the latest Heathrow consultation saying they 'pose a threat to public health'. The local party is urging its members and Chiswick residents to object to the proposals and make their feelings known to the local council and Heathrow.

According to CHATR (CHiswick Against a Third Runway), Heathrow are proposing 18 - 25 new flights directly over Chiswick landing between 06.00am and 07.00am at very high decibel levels and up to 40 further new flights over the remainder of the day. Critically, Heathrow wishes to implement these from 2022 four years prior to the implementation of any new runway.

Helen Cross, an officer of the local Liberal Democrats, who stood as a candidate in the Turnham Green ward in the May local elections, said: 'Many local people aren't aware of what's proposed yet. It's a disgrace that Chiswick was not included in the formal consultation when these proposals clearly will impact on them. We're urging our members and local residents to complain to Heathrow about this 'exclusion' and register their views in the consultation before it closes at the beginning of March.'

CHATR and others, like the Bedford Park Society, have reviewed the consultation and have made public a detailed and useful guide to the consultation for locals.

'We're urging our members to visit the CHATR and No 3RD Runway site before responding to the consultation. The consultation is complex so be careful when you respond. Liberal Democrats have long opposed the expansion of Heathrow and will continue to fight against Heathrow expansion alongside other like minded groups.'

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