Helen Cross: Remain Tories should vote Lib Dem on 12 December

November 20, 2019 2:00 PM
By Helen Cross in Chiswick Herald

Chiswick resident Helen Cross, the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats for Brentford and Isleworth, writes in the Chiswick Herald about why she thinks Remain Tories should vote Lib Dem on 12 December.

Helen Cross Westminster

'Should a Conservative voter who is a Remainer, vote Tory now?' The answer, supplied by traditional One Nation Tories like Sam Gyimah, Dr Philip Lee, Matthew Parris and Michael Heseltine, is 'No'.

The answer is a reflection of the death of One Nation Conservatism. The party has embraced Brexit and left many of its socially liberal, centrist Tories without a home. They are thoroughly disenchanted with the direction of the party under Johnson (backed by Farage, endorsed by Tommy Robinson) and are sceptical of a man whose siren promises have been broken so many times and who unlawfully prorogued Parliament. Think: Red Bus and the £350 million promise, the Turkish 'invasion', his not-so-implacable resistance to the Third Runway.

To these voters, this is the last chance to stop Brexit. Do not back Boris. Do not vote for a party which is pushing through Heathrow expansion which will damage our chances of meeting our climate change commitments and lead to planes flying over Chiswick High Road.

If we repeat our performance in the European elections then we can stop Corbyn and Boris here. (A constituency level analysis by Professor James Henretty of Royal Holloway found that the LibDems won the EU election in Brentford and Isleworth, with 30.5% of the vote).

Of course, the Tories are stoking the fires of fear about Corbyn getting into No 10. But that becomes less likely with each day. Professor​ Sir John Curtice, the media's go-to election expert, reckons Corbyn's chances of winning an overall majority for Labour are "as close to zero as one can safely say it to be".

That means that on December 12th, the realistic choice for Brentford and Isleworth will be between a Conservative blue Brexit and Labour's red one.

There's only one Remain party - the Liberal Democrats. Labour has tacked left. The Tories have tacked right. There's only one moderate centrist party left - the Liberal Democrats.

This election is the last chance to Stop Brexit. Take it. Please.

First published in the Chiswick Herald on 20 November 2019: https://chiswickherald.co.uk/helen-cross-why-remain-tories-should-vote-lib-dem-p10756-314.htm