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Feltham & Heston Constituency

Bedfont Cranford Feltham North Feltham West Hanworth
Hanworth Park Heston Central Heston East Heston West Hounslow West


Ramnik Kaur JHOOTI

Ramnik Jhooti - Bedfont ward


Arben Kastrati - Candidate for Bedfont wardBorn in Kosovo in 1976, after graduating from medicine school Arben moved to the UK at the age of 21. Here he started working in a profession which he was passionate about; construction and design. After completing a course on interior design Arben started his own business Lyburn Construction Ltd. Since 2011, the company has been growing and making a reputation for high quality work. Arben has lived in Bedfont ward since 2015, with his wife and little daughter.

As a councilor he will fight for his area to:

Arben's other interests include playing football, chess, travel, reading and charity work.

Paul Neil MORAN

Paul Moran candidatePaul has lived in Bedfont for 2 years and is originally from Guildford. Having voted for the Liberal Democrats all his life, he joined the Liberal Democrats when he became exasperated by the treatment they received during their time in Coalition Government. His exasperation has turned into action when he saw the country he loves torn apart by the unnecessary EU referendum. He is committed to fighting for an open, tolerant and fair society with good investment in local and national services.

As a councillor Paul will work hard for the people of Bedfont to:


Sangam GUL

Sangam Gul - candidate for Cranford wardSangam Gul is a charismatic young human rights activist. She is an ambassador of (ICC) International Christian Council and is working passionately as a vice president Hounslow, VOWS- Voice of Women society, a community organisation, as she strongly believes in social, economical and political empowerment of women. She has been working on key issues against gender, religious and ethnic discrimination.

Sangam is involved in local charities and in the future Sangam's vision is to serve humanity with her charity organisation G&G Foundation, which aims to support poor children with their education and help widows and victims of violence to become independent and strong.
As a local councillor, Sangam Gul will work with full dedication to realistically improve the safety aspects and overall quality of life at Cranford. Furthermore she also aims to bring social justice, equality and cultural diversity within Cranford and Hounslow.


Iman Malik - candidate for Cranford ward

Iman is the youngest Liberal Democrat candidate (18 years old) for Cranford. At present, Iman is studying her A levels, and has an offer to study Law at LSE, following which she hopes to pursue her dream to be a barrister.

As a Liberal Democrat, Iman passionately believes in and advocates strongly for youth empowerment and women's empowerment. She would be a firm voice for the young people of Cranford.

Being the Youth President of the Voice of Women Society, Iman has been engaged and involved in various gender related projects including domestic violence.
Iman feels that it is about time that Hounslow Council starts engaging with and listening to the needs of youth which has been neglected for a very long time in Hounslow. Iman is looking to build a strong cross-party network of youth to work together on youth empowerment projects, providing equal opportunities in education and work skills, including social networking to make life better in Hounslow for young minds. They are the future!

Deborah Ayo-Oluwa OWOADE

Deborah Owoade - candidate for Cranford wardI will represent and be a strong voice for my community, which has been underrepresented in Hounslow Council for a long time.

I look forward to building bridges among the youth, other community members, and the Council.

I am excited to be campaigning with my fellow Liberal Democrat candidates in Cranford.



Jack Moran - Feltham North



Cameron CAINE

Cameron Caine - Feltham West

Tayyaba KHAN

Tayyaba Khan - Feltham West




Carl Moran - Hanworth ward


Edward Wilson - Hanworth ward


Nigar ALI

Nigar AliAn entrepreneur, a student, a voluntary worker and an advocate of women's empowerment.

Nigar comes from a diverse Pakistani background. She holds an MSc in Science, MA Economics & Political Science from Pakistan and is currently in her final year completing BA in Business Management.

While completing her degree in Business Management she also works as Sales Assistant at World Duty Free at Heathrow. Being a compassionate person, Nigar feels for the less fortunate and is always finding ways to give for charity. Her passion for helping the needy let to her joining the Red Cross in a voluntary capacity and she has been supporting the less fortunate with food, clothing and other household essentials.

As a councillor she would work with local women on bringing awareness on womens rights, addressing drugs issues affecting the young and other ages, and also aims to bring improvement in NHS patient care services.

Richard CLARKE

Richard Clarke - Hanworth ParkLocal champion Richard Clarke lives with his family in Hanworth Park ward. He listens to residents' concerns, and is keen to find solutions to improve things for everyone:

I am involved in a number of community groups. I set up and Chair the Friends of Bridge House Pond (with the support of a fantastic committee who continue to inspire me!). I have also been involved in establishing the Old Feltham Residents Association, the Cromwell Road play street, and Feltham Rail Users group, as well as being a key member of the campaign to save Hanworth Park House. I am active locally in raising awareness of our fantastic local heritage and green spaces. I have organised many local litter picks, and reported hundreds of issues to Hounslow Highways.

My background combines a detailed understanding of how to assess what works, what it costs and how to make it happen, meaning that I have the skills and experience needed to be an effective Councillor.

To read more about Richard, see:

Daljit Singh RANDHAWA



Duncan Buchanan - candidate for Heston Central wardBorn and raised in Hackney, Duncan currently works for the London Underground at Hounslow West and Hatton Cross station.

Duncan is a former Councillor in Slough (two terms, from 2004-06 and 2008-12), and was the Cabinet Member for Public Protection from 2005-06. This meant he was responsible for Environment, Cemeteries, Crematorium, Street Cleaning, Registration Services, Recycling and Refuse Collections. Duncan is proud to have expanded the Green Recycling Scheme and encouraged the use of reusable bags in the Borough.

As a Lib Dem, Duncan has held several positions in the Party, both at local and regional level including Chair of Slough, Secretary and Treasurer. On South Central Region he was on the Regional Exec Committee, and served several years as Treasurer, and finally has also been elected to the English Council.

As a former Councillor, Duncan has a great deal of experience of local government, and is keen to use this experience and knowledge to benefit the residents of Heston Central ward.


Mala Kaur - candidate for Heston CentralAn entrepreneur, a makeup artist, a mother, and a local community person. Permail, commonly known as Mala, has been running a local beauty salon successfully since 1993 and in doing so has had the privilege of meeting some phenomenal members of the local community. Mala enjoys networking and as a beauty consultant, has been involved in organising therapy and beauty sessions to empower women within friendship and community circles.

Mala is passionate about local issues within the Hounslow community, with a keen interest in healthcare.

Mala's strength is communication, getting to know people and helping the wider community. As a Liberal Democrat candidate, Mala aims to bring diverse communities together and have a focus on making their lives better.


Zohaib SHAN

Zohaib Shan - Heston East



Aniq Ahmed NAWAZ

Aniq Nawaz - Candidate for Heston WestAniq is 18 years old, and the youngest Liberal Democrat candidate for Heston West Ward.

Currently Aniq is a college student, studying a vocational skill based course, BTEC Level 3 Games-Programming. He is pursuing his dreams and aims to be a software developer mostly geared towards creating games.

Aniq strongly believes that young voice is not heard or given enough importance by Hounslow Council. None of the council representatives from either Labour or the Conservatives within the Council have been able to understand the needs of the youth in Hounslow and hence they have not been able to deliver youth agenda.

Aniq is passionate to have a young student voice in the Council and would aim to bring improvement to education, with emphasis on a more diverse curriculum, and increased pupil involvement in the pastoral care element. In particular, Aniq is concerned about stress-related health issues due to the unnecessary demands and expectations affecting pupils who may be gifted in other ways but not in pure academic achievements. Finally, in relation to the safety of young people on the streets of Hounslow, Aniq feels that young ones are very vulnerable on the streets and are targeted by gangs and drug providers. They should be engaged in other initiatives and programmes which will take them off the streets and keep them safe.


Nital Viral DOSHI



Simon Rowland - Hounslow West

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